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Amerta Sound Healing Workshop

Saturday 16th March 2024

Did you know our aura or energy field is made up of several layers in & around our body? Our subtle energy body is made up of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul layers. When put under stress, unhealthy environments, toxic relationships or draining spaces, we acquire excess or depleted energies, thus making us feel disconnected, unloved or uninspired.  Sound, the universal life-force energy, works to restore balance in all those areas and more.

Amerta Sounditation is a unique healing immersion in a workshop-style experience using Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Crystal Therapy and Mantras to recalibrate and tune the layers of our subtle body back to resonance.

Here's What We are Going To Cover

* Understanding the connection between blockage energy and the physical body
* Mindfulness living
* Resonance body with Singing Bowl
* Understanding Chakras & Auras
* Chakra Balancing with sound meditation & crystals
* Energy Protection with Singing Bowl
* Space Cleansing with Singing Bowl
* Self Healing "the Holds" with Singing Bowl

This is a deeply healing and powerful Sound, Healing & Meditation Workshop for those interested in deeper healing using the subtle power of Sound. Everyone is welcome.

Event Details:

Facilitator: Galih Naga Seno

Date: Saturday, 16th March 2024

Time: 5 - 8pm

Location: Lumeria Yoga, Ubud Bali

Price: 760.000 IDR

Limited spaces available.  Get your tickets early. Payment must be settled in-person before the event.

About Galihn

Galih is a gifted Composer & Ethnomusicologist with a MA in music from Arts institute Surakarta. As CEO of Taman Hutan Lemah Putih (Art space and Cultural exchange), his work spans 23+ years of training and exploring the healing power of Sound. For the past 15 years he has worked in temples, beaches and sacred mountains surrounding Indonesia and has guided hundreds in sound activation. 

Most notably, Galih Naga Seno offers Amerta Sound Meditations in Multi-instrument Toning Sessions, Sound Circles & Intimate Concerts which weave a deep tapestry of powerful vibration with intention, awareness, transformation and healing for all involved. Amerta Sound Meditations are beyond this plane of consciousness, illuminating the unseen, activating the unconscious realms and dropping deeper into celestial layers of ancestral wisdom.