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Private Healing Treatments

Experience deep healing at Lumeria’s healing sanctuary. Heal yourself on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with expert-led treatments by our specialized team in a safe, private and serene environment, restoring your inner balance and harmony.

Lumeria’s Private Healing Services offer a holistic approach to health & wellness. We offer safe, supportive, confidential and private sessions facilitated by our Resident Healers who are professionally trained and highly experienced with various healing modalities, supporting deep healing on the physical, emotional and mental levels.

Choose below from our list of healing treatments offered exclusively at Lumeria.  Our private sessions are designed for 1:1 treatments only. Special requests for Private Couples treatments may be considered with additional fees applied.

Amerta Sound Meditation Healing

with Galih Naga Seno

Experience a deeply restorative sound meditation in this uniquely potent sound journey with a combination of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Crystal Therapy and Mantras to recalibrate and tune the layers of our subtle body back to resonance. Begin the sessions with sage smudge followed by chakra balancing assessment. Then experience sound meditation as a cosmic celebration, entering multi-dimensional portals to new worlds, resulting in profound restorative effects for the mind, nervous system and body. Finally, end with Oracle Card Reading and affirmations for moving forward. Leave this journey feeling fully rested and drop back into reality with new resonance and recalibration. 

*Each session can be for 1 person or couple. 

Gong Sound Healing

with Nalya Raj Kaur

Gong Sound Healing is an ancient therapeutic method by which our body experiences sounds and vibrations of different frequencies produced by finely tuned gong instruments. The sound vibrations deeply penetrate the body tissues and have relaxing, recharging and self-healing effects. The exposure of a human body to gong sound healing waves results in decreased inflammatory processes, positively balances neuronal and glandular systems, allows release of mental blocks and gives the participant a unique experience of high quality sound vibration.The gong sound therapy is a widely welcomed technique in hospitals, addiction recovery rehabilitation centers, hospices and other medical centers. The evidence of gong sound effectiveness on physical and mental health continues to grow as numerous reports on the subject of gong sound healing were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Gong sound therapy is not an alternative therapeutic approach, it is in addition and in coherence with basic biomedical science advances. As a PhD holder in biomedical sciences and a Kundalini yoga teacher, Nalya (Raj Kaur) brings scientific knowledge into her gong sound healing sessions, facilitates the healing process and through the gong guides sound vibration into areas most needed.

Body-Oriented Therapy

with Adriana Keniz

Working with the mind through the body, have an understanding where and why you may be experiencing pain and tension in various or specific parts of the mind/body. Then, the pain can be released and meet images of what caused them. By identifying the psychosomatic reasons and eliminating them through physical work and psychological support, disturbing problems and issues will be addressed and removed. 

CranioSacral Therapy

with Adriana Keniz

A very gentle method of working with the body based on normalizing the movement of cerebrospinal fluid and improving the blood supply to the brain and spinal cord. This light-touch therapy harmonizes the nervous system and helps release emotions, traumas and subconscious patterns. As a result, become more aware of yourself and calmer. Suitable for anyone with experience of fatigue, headaches, irritation and anxiety.

Kinesiology Therapy

with Adriana Keniz

This technique contains all the keys to identify the root cause of problems. We use a muscle test to determine the reason for the health disorder. After the session, instructions will be provided on how to improve your overall health. When needed, kenizio tapes are applied.

Psychological Support Counseling

with Adriana Keniz

Together we will set goals and determine the most effective way to achieve them. Adriana will help you understand what is preventing you from achieving the desired state and we will select the best tools to achieve it. You will receive full psychological support. Goals can be completely different, ranging from improving relationships to finding the meaning of life.


Galih Naga Seno S.Sn, M.Sn, Indonesia

Sound Composer & Ethnomusicologist

Galih is a gifted Composer & Ethnomusicologist with a MA in music from Arts institute Surakarta. As CEO of Taman Hutan Lemah Putih (Art space and Cultural exchange), his work spans 23+ years of training and exploring the healing power of Sound. For the past 15 years he has worked in temples, beaches and sacred mountains surrounding Indonesia and has guided hundreds in sound activation. 

Most notably, Galih Naga Seno offers Amerta Sound Meditations in Multi-instrument Toning Sessions, Sound Circles & Intimate Concerts which weave a deep tapestry of powerful vibration with intention, awareness, transformation and healing for all involved. Amerta Sound Meditations are beyond this plane of consciousness, illuminating the unseen, activating the unconscious realms and dropping deeper into celestial layers of ancestral wisdom.  

Nalya Alieva (Raj Kaur), PhD, Russia/USA

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, 
Gong Sound Healing

As a PhD in Biomedical Sciences, her academic knowledge of physiological & anatomical principles provide a solid foundation in which to integrate the esoteric teachings of sound frequency using the mind, breath, body connection beyond the textbooks and into real application through the technology of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Gong Sound Therapy.  She was trained in the intellectual classrooms in Russia yet in the last 10+ years has enjoyed creating her own conscious classrooms, spreading kundalini yoga, meditation and sound as a pathway for higher consciousness and simple tools for navigating busy lifestyles with more balance, harmony and inner peace. 

Nalya is a Certified KRI L2 Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Gong Sound Therapist & PhD holder in Biomedical Sciences with 1000+ training hours. Prior to moving into Bali in 2023, Nalya managed a biological research institute in Singapore. She speaks English and Russian fluently.

Adriana Keniz, Ukraine

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation,
Body-oriented Psychologist and Osteopath

A multi-disciplinary student of healing, Adriana combines various methods to release trauma physically, emotionally and psychologically. In groups, Adriana utilizes the technology of Kundalini Yoga and group therapy to provide a safe space for participants to experience and release their emotions while being seen, accepted and supported. In private 1:1 sessions, Adriana works with the connection between physical pain and emotional trauma, being personal of generational, using various methods of psychosomatics, body and energy work, to bring clients closer to themselves, release trapped emotions, and guide them into taking charge of their own path, and claim their purpose. 

Adriana is a Certified KRI L1 Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Certified ICTA Coach, Cranio-sacral Therapist/Somato-emotional Release Specialist from Upledger Institute Kinesiologist from Ukrainian Academy of Applied Kinesiology