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Heart Songs and Cacao

with Mōllie Mendōɀa & Harmony Sunshine

Saturday 13th April 2024 @ Lumeria Yoga

Heart Songs was born from the recognition of song and prayer as a remedy for our times. This project forms a diverse and vibrant nucleolus of co-creation and community. At the center lays a collection of original songs and poetry that span beyond words and melodies, carrying the seeds of individual and collective sentiment and vision. Through participation, the audience is invited to become a steward of these soulful expressions.

Join Mōllie Mendōɀa & Harmony Sunshine in Song Ceremonies + Cacao, an intimate evening weaving songs, poetry, ceremony and hearts as one collective field of unified love. 

Event Details:

Mōllie Mendōɀa & Harmony Sunshine

Saturday 13th April 2024

6pm Doors Open
6:30pm Cacao Served

Lumeria Yoga, Ubud Bali

350K Pre Sale
400K On Door Sale

Limited spaces available.  Get your tickets early.

About Mōllie Mendōɀa and Harmony Sunshine

Mōllie Mendōɀa and Harmony Sunshine are an experienced duo of devotional singer-songwriters whose collaborative songs echo the heartbeat of the earth. Together, they’ve graced global stages, weaving their threads of prayerful play and healing artistry within the vibrant fabric of festivals, concerts and cultural gatherings.

United by their mutual reverence for the natural world, these artists merge their individual journeys and collective wisdom to curate immersive ceremonial song sharing experiences and performances. Together, they foster an environment where communal singing becomes a catalyst for personal and collective healing.